Under the SRES, homeowners, small businesses, and community organizations can receive a rebate for installing solar panels or solar water heaters. The rebate amount depends on the size of the system and the location, as well as the number of STCs generated by the system. These STCs can be sold to electricity retailers to help offset the upfront cost of the installation.

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Additionally, the SRES also provides financial incentives for Solar panel installations through feed-in tariffs, which allow homeowners and businesses to receive payments for excess electricity generated by their Solar panels that is fed back into the grid. This can help offset electricity bills and provide a source of income for Solar panel owners.

Overall, the SRES aims to encourage the uptake of renewable energy technologies such as Solar panels and Solar water heaters by providing financial support to make these systems more affordable for homeowners and businesses. By incentivizing the installation of these technologies, the SRES helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions, increase energy security, and create a more sustainable energy future for Australia.

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