To claim the rebate, individuals must engage an accredited installer, who will assess the eligibility of the system and calculate the number of STCs that can be created. The installer will then deduct the value of the STCs from the total cost of the system, reducing the upfront cost for the homeowner or business.

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Once the system is installed and operational, the installer will create the necessary documentation to register the STCs with the Clean Energy Regulator. The homeowner or business owner will need to sign this documentation to confirm the assignment of the STCs to the installer.

After the STCs are successfully registered, the installer will receive the Rebate amount from the sale of the STCs. This Rebate can then be passed on to the homeowner or business owner in the form of a discount on the total cost of the system.

It is important to note that the Rebate amount will vary depending on the size and location of the system, as well as the current market price of STCs. It is recommended to consult with the accredited installer to get an accurate estimate of the Rebate amount for a specific Solar PV system.

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