To claim the rebate, homeowners or businesses need to assign their STCs to an agent, such as a solar retailer, who will deduct the value of the rebate from the upfront cost of the solar system installation. Alternatively, individuals can choose to sell their STCs on the open market.

July 7, 2024by Luke0

The process of claiming the Rebate involves filling out the necessary paperwork and providing proof of purchase and installation of the Solar system. Once the paperwork is submitted and approved, the Rebate amount will be deducted from the total cost of the Solar system.

It is important for homeowners and businesses to carefully review the terms and conditions of the Rebate program to ensure they meet all requirements and deadlines for claiming the Rebate. Failure to comply with the program guidelines could result in the forfeiture of the Rebate.

By taking advantage of the Rebate program, homeowners and businesses can significantly reduce the cost of installing a Solar system and make a positive impact on the environment by transitioning to clean, renewable energy sources.

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