The STCs can be traded or sold to registered agents, who then sell them to liable entities such as electricity retailers. The value of the certificates fluctuates based on market demand and supply.

February 25, 2024by Luke0

STCs are a key component of Australia’s Renewable Energy Target (RET) scheme, which aims to encourage the growth of renewable energy generation in the country. By creating a market for these certificates, the scheme provides a financial incentive for businesses and households to invest in renewable energy systems such as Solar panels and wind turbines.

The trading of STCs allows for flexibility in meeting renewable energy targets, as liable entities can purchase certificates from other parties to offset their own obligations. This helps to drive investment in renewable energy projects and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Overall, the trading of STCs plays a crucial role in the success of the RET scheme by providing a mechanism to incentivize and support the growth of renewable energy generation in Australia.

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