The number of STCs a system is eligible for depends on factors such as the location, size, and efficiency of the solar panels. The STC price is not fixed and can fluctuate based on supply and demand in the market.

April 20, 2024by Luke0

STCs are a form of financial incentive offered by the Australian government to encourage the installation of Solar panels and reduce carbon emissions. The price of STCs is determined by the market, with prices typically higher when demand for Solar panels is high.

The number of STCs a system is eligible for is calculated based on the amount of electricity the system is expected to generate over its lifetime, as well as the location and size of the system. The more efficient and larger the system, the more STCs it is eligible for.

It’s important to note that the price of STCs can fluctuate, so it’s a good idea to keep track of market trends when considering installing a Solar panel system. By staying informed about the current STC price, you can maximize the financial benefits of installing Solar panels.

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