The number of STCs a solar system is eligible for depends on its size, location, and installation date. The rebate amount is calculated by multiplying the number of STCs by the market price per certificate, which can fluctuate. The rebate is typically applied as a point-of-sale discount by the solar installer.

April 9, 2024by Luke0

To determine the number of STCs a Solar system is eligible for, the Clean Energy Regulator in Australia provides a calculator on their website. This calculator takes into account factors such as the location of the installation, the size of the system in kilowatts, and the date of installation.

For example, a 5kW Solar system installed in Sydney in 2021 may be eligible for around 80 STCs, depending on the specific circumstances. If the market price per certificate is $40, the Rebate amount would be $3,200 (80 STCs x $40).

It’s important to note that the STC scheme is subject to change and can be affected by government policies and market conditions. It’s always recommended to consult with a qualified Solar installer or financial advisor to understand the current incentives and rebates available for Solar installations.

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