The main solar rebate program in Australia is the Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme (SRES), which is administered by the Clean Energy Regulator. Under this scheme, homeowners and small businesses can receive Small-scale Technology Certificates (STCs) for the installation of eligible solar power systems. The number of STCs received depends on the size of the system and the region in which it is installed.

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STCs can be traded on the open market or used to offset the cost of the Solar power system installation. The value of STCs fluctuates based on market demand and supply, and the price can vary from day to day.

In addition to the SRES, some states and territories in Australia also offer additional rebates and incentives for Solar power installations. These programs may vary in eligibility criteria and availability, so it is recommended to check with local authorities or Solar retailers for more information.

Overall, the SRES and other Solar Rebate programs in Australia aim to encourage the uptake of renewable energy technologies and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. By providing financial incentives for Solar power installations, these programs help make Solar energy more accessible and affordable for homeowners and businesses.

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