The amount of rebate you can receive depends on various factors, including the size of the solar system, the location of the installation, and the number of STCs the system is eligible for. The rebate can be claimed at the time of purchase or installation of the solar system, reducing the overall cost.

March 20, 2024by Luke0

In Australia, the main Rebate available for Solar installations is the Small-scale Technology Certificate (STC) Rebate. This Rebate is based on the amount of renewable energy the system is expected to produce over its lifetime, and is calculated based on the system’s size and location.

The number of STCs a system is eligible for also depends on when the system was installed, as the number of STCs decreases each year as part of the government’s incentive to encourage early adoption of Solar technology.

It’s important to note that the Rebate amount can vary, so it’s recommended to consult with a Solar retailer or installer to determine the exact Rebate amount for your specific system. Additionally, some states and territories in Australia may offer additional rebates or incentives for Solar installations, so it’s worth researching what options may be available in your area.

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