Solar Victoria rebates: In the state of Victoria, the government offers additional rebates for residential solar panel installations through the Solar Homes program. This rebate provides a significant discount on the cost of installing solar panels and is available to eligible homeowners.

May 15, 2024by Luke0

To be eligible for the Solar Victoria Rebate, homeowners must meet certain criteria, including:

1. The property must be a primary residence located in Victoria.
2. The household income must be below a certain threshold.
3. The property must have a combined annual electricity bill of at least $1,200.
4. The property must not have a pre-existing Solar panel system installed.

The Solar Victoria Rebate covers up to 50% of the cost of a Solar panel installation, up to a maximum Rebate amount. In addition to the Rebate, homeowners may also be eligible for an interest-free loan to cover the remaining cost of the installation.

To apply for the Solar Victoria Rebate, homeowners must first engage a Clean Energy Council accredited Solar installer to provide a quote for the installation. Once a quote is obtained, homeowners can apply for the Rebate online through the Solar Victoria website.

Overall, the Solar Victoria Rebate provides a great opportunity for homeowners in Victoria to save money on their electricity bills and reduce their carbon footprint by installing Solar panels on their property.

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