Solar rebates in Australia are financial incentives provided by the government to encourage the adoption of solar power systems. These rebates help to reduce the upfront cost of installing solar panels and make them more affordable for homeowners and businesses.

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There are several types of Solar rebates available in Australia, including:

1. Small-scale Technology Certificates (STCs): These are created under the Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme (SRES). STCs are typically offered for residential and small-scale commercial Solar installations (up to 100 kilowatts). The number of STCs received depends on factors such as the location, size, and efficiency of the system. These certificates can be sold to registered agents or traders, who then sell them to liable entities (such as electricity retailers) to meet their renewable energy obligations.

2. Feed-in Tariffs (FiTs): Some states and territories offer FiTs, where excess electricity generated by residential and commercial Solar systems can be fed back into the grid and sold to the electricity retailer at a predetermined rate. The FiT rates and eligibility criteria vary across different regions.

3. Government Grants and Loans: Depending on the state or territory, there may be government grants or low-interest loans available to support the installation of Solar power systems. These programs aim to reduce the financial burden of upfront costs and promote the uptake of renewable energy.

4. Clean Energy Finance Corporation (CEFC) Programs: The CEFC provides financing options for large-scale Solar projects, helping to reduce the cost of Solar energy infrastructure for businesses and communities.

It is important to note that the availability and extent of Solar rebates can vary across different states and territories in Australia. It is recommended to check with the relevant government agencies or consult with Solar installers to understand the specific rebates and incentives applicable to your location.

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