Solar Homes Program: In Victoria, the government offers rebates and interest-free loans for solar panel installations through the Solar Homes Program. Eligible households can receive up to $1,850 towards the cost of the solar system.

July 6, 2024by Luke0

The program aims to make Solar energy more affordable for homeowners, reduce electricity bills, and decrease greenhouse gas emissions. To be eligible for the Rebate, households must meet certain criteria, including owning the property and having an annual household income of less than $180,000.

In addition to the Rebate, eligible households can also apply for an interest-free loan of up to $1,850 to cover the remaining cost of the Solar system. This loan must be repaid over a four-year period, making it a convenient and affordable option for homeowners looking to invest in Solar energy.

To apply for the Solar Homes Program Rebate and loan, homeowners can visit the program’s website and complete the online application form. Once approved, they can then choose an accredited Solar installer to install the system.

Overall, the Solar Homes Program in Victoria provides a valuable opportunity for homeowners to invest in renewable energy, reduce their electricity bills, and contribute to a more sustainable future.

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