Small-scale Technology Certificates (STCs): Under the Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme (SRES), homeowners and small businesses are eligible to receive STCs for installing solar panels, solar water heaters, and heat pump systems. The number of STCs you can claim depends on the size of your solar system and the region you live in. These certificates can be sold to electricity retailers, who are required to purchase a certain number of them each year. The value of STCs fluctuates based on market demand and can significantly reduce the cost of a solar system.

March 9, 2024by Luke0

STCs are a form of government incentive to encourage the uptake of renewable energy technologies and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. By receiving STCs for installing Solar panels or other eligible systems, homeowners and businesses can offset some of the upfront costs associated with purchasing and installing these systems.

The process of claiming STCs involves registering your Solar system with the Clean Energy Regulator, who will then issue you with a certain number of certificates based on the system’s capacity and location. These certificates can then be sold to electricity retailers or other entities in the market, providing a financial benefit to the system owner.

The value of STCs is influenced by factors such as market demand, policy changes, and the overall renewable energy landscape. It’s important for homeowners and businesses to stay informed about the current STC market conditions and seek advice from reputable sources when considering installing a Solar system to maximize the financial benefits of the scheme.

Overall, STCs play a crucial role in making renewable energy technologies more accessible and affordable for Australians, helping to drive the transition towards a cleaner, more sustainable energy future.

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