Small-scale Technology Certificates (STCs): This rebate is based on the amount of renewable energy a solar system is expected to generate over its lifetime. The value of the rebate is determined by factors such as the size of the system, location, and the market price of STCs. The rebate is usually provided upfront as a discount on the cost of the system.

March 31, 2024by Luke0

STCs are created when a Solar system is installed and connected to the grid, and are traded on the open market. The value of STCs can fluctuate based on supply and demand, government policies, and market conditions. The Rebate provided through STCs helps to make Solar energy more affordable for homeowners and businesses, and incentivizes the uptake of renewable energy.

To claim STCs, homeowners or businesses must ensure that their Solar system is installed by a Clean Energy Council accredited installer and that the system meets certain technical requirements. Once the system is installed, the installer will provide the necessary paperwork to claim the STCs, which can then be traded or sold to offset the cost of the Solar system.

Overall, STCs play a crucial role in promoting the adoption of Solar energy and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. By providing a financial incentive for investing in renewable energy, STCs help to make Solar power more accessible and affordable for consumers, ultimately contributing to a cleaner and more sustainable energy future.

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