Small-scale Technology Certificates (STCs): This is a federal government scheme that provides financial incentives for installing solar panels and other renewable energy systems. The number of STCs you receive depends on the size of your system and the location of your property. These certificates can be sold to utility companies or brokers, providing a discount on the cost of your solar system.

March 19, 2024by Luke0

STCs are part of the Renewable Energy Target (RET) scheme, which aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and increase the use of renewable energy sources in Australia. The number of STCs you receive is based on the amount of renewable energy your system is expected to generate over its lifetime, as well as factors such as the size of the system and the location of your property.

STCs are usually created when your Solar system is installed, and can be sold on the open market to help offset the cost of your system. You can either sell them directly to a registered agent, or you can assign them to the company that installs your system in exchange for a discount on the installation cost.

The value of STCs can fluctuate depending on market conditions, so it’s a good idea to keep an eye on the market and sell your certificates when the price is high. The amount of money you can save through STCs will vary depending on the size of your system and the current market conditions, but it can be a significant incentive to invest in renewable energy for your property.

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