In addition to the federal rebate, some states and territories in Australia also offer their own solar rebates. These rebates vary by region and may have different eligibility criteria and application processes.

July 8, 2024by Luke0

For example, in Victoria, the state government offers a Solar Homes Program which provides rebates for Solar panel installations for eligible households. In New South Wales, the Empowering Homes Program offers interest-free loans for Solar and battery storage systems, as well as rebates for low-income households.

In South Australia, the Home Battery Scheme provides subsidies for the installation of battery storage to complement Solar panel systems. Queensland also offers a Solar for Rentals trial program which provides rebates for Solar panel installations on rental properties.

It’s important to check with your local government or energy provider to see what rebates and incentives are available in your area and to ensure you meet all eligibility requirements. These rebates can help offset the upfront costs of installing Solar panels and make renewable energy more accessible for households across Australia.

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