Feed-in Tariffs: Some states and territories in Australia offer feed-in tariffs, which allow solar system owners to earn credits for excess electricity they export back to the grid. These credits are deducted from the electricity bill, effectively reducing the overall cost of electricity consumption.

March 31, 2024by Luke0

Feed-in tariffs are designed to incentivize the installation of Solar systems and promote renewable energy generation. The rates for feed-in tariffs vary between different states and territories, and can be subject to change over time.

It’s important for Solar system owners to understand the terms and conditions of the feed-in tariff scheme in their area, as well as the eligibility criteria and requirements for participating in the program. Additionally, it’s recommended to regularly monitor electricity bills and feed-in tariff credits to ensure accurate billing and maximize the benefits of the scheme.

Overall, feed-in tariffs can be a valuable financial incentive for Solar system owners to reduce their electricity costs and contribute to a more sustainable energy future.

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