Feed-in Tariffs (FiTs): Some states and territories in Australia offer feed-in tariffs, which are payments for excess electricity generated by a solar power system that is fed back into the grid. The rate at which excess electricity is purchased by the utility company varies depending on the state or territory.

April 23, 2024by Luke0

FiTs are designed to incentivize homeowners and businesses to install Solar power systems and contribute to the generation of renewable energy. The payments received from FiTs can help offset the initial cost of installing a Solar power system and provide additional income for the system owner.

It is important to research and understand the specific FiT rates and regulations in your state or territory before investing in a Solar power system. Additionally, FiT rates may change over time, so it is important to stay informed about any updates or changes to the program.

Overall, FiTs can be a valuable financial incentive for Solar power system owners and can help promote the adoption of renewable energy technologies in Australia.

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